Quarantine Journals – Refinishing a Table (part 1)

So, normally I use this space to write trip reports for various trips (usually Disney-related) that I take. However, with COVID-19, I haven’t been able to travel lately. Instead, I’m going to chronicle the steps and progress towards refinishing a coffee table.

In our family room, we have a nice coffee table. It’s in pretty good condition, considering it’s over 30 years old. That being said, there’s a few scuffs and stains, and my wife and I have talked for a while about getting it refinished. Somehow, that discussion changed from “Let’s find a good furniture restoration company in the area” to “Eric, why don’t you try to do it yourself?” (I think this was after she had a conversation with one of her sisters about something that the sister was doing to their house.)

So, we decided that I’d try to handle the job myself.

First step? Clean up the garage. I had to do this in order to have enough free space to set up the sawhorses and put the table on them. It took most of an afternoon, but I was able to get pretty much everything off the floor, buy a new hose reel cart (the hose was one of the things on the floor), straighten the shelves, and also clear off some space on the workbench.

Here’s the finished result. Not too bad!

Garage after initial cleaning

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