2018 Canadian Cruise – Pre Trip

So, by my calculations, it’s been well over a year since I’ve updated my blog. Most of the delay is laziness on my part, but part of it is wondering if anyone actually reads this thing, or if I’m just expending the effort in the name of self promotion. But, for right now, that doesn’t matter. I’m back, with another trip report.

Cast of Characters:
Eric – 35 (at the time of the trip … I’ve had a birthday since then) – self professed travel geek, disney geek, and pretty much geek-in-general.
Tracy – Age not specified – my lovely wife, who, for some odd reason, continues to put up with me, even after 7 years of marriage, bad jokes, snoring, etc. She’s also a Disney geek, but maybe not quite as much as I am.

Earlier in the year, we started talking about possible vacation options. We are a little bit lot addicted to Disney Cruise Line, and cruising has become one of our favorite vacations. We are also a little tired of the Caribbean, as our last 4 cruises have been there. So, looking to branch out, we discovered a good rate on a 7 night cruise from Quebec City to New York City, and decided to book.

Doing a cruise from Canada would require more planning than we’re used to. Being Florida residents, our previous cruise planning has been pretty much limited to “Throw some warm weather stuff in a suitcase, or 2 or 3, and drive to Port Canaveral.” However, with this cruise, we’d need to plan more carefully – there would be flights, possibly transportation from an airport to a cruise terminal, luggage considerations, possible hotel stays, all of which would need to be decided, booked, checked, rechecked, debated, etc. It would not be nearly as easy to plan this as most other trips we’ve taken.

Being that we both work for Disney, we can get some decent discounts on Disney cruises. However, the discounts are a “Space available” discount, meaning that the discounts are only offered if the cruise isn’t selling well, and often only show up with a few weeks notice. This time, however, they posted the space available rates 3 or 4 months in advance, so we were able to take advantage, and have some planning time that we don’t normally get.

Eventually, all the decisions were done. We would fly to Montreal the day before the cruise left Quebec City, spend the night in Montreal, then take DCL transfers to the Port the next morning, board the ship, and fly home after spending a few extra nights in NYC, so we could see some shows and friends and family.

What are these boards strapped to my feet … Day 6

AKA “This day centers around food”.

We decided that we were done with skiing, and wanted to just relax on our last full day.  So, with that in mind, we didn’t set an alarm, and woke up mid morning. And watched TV for a few hours.  And then were hungry and decided that we wanted lunch.

There was a Chinese restaurant in the plaza right next to our hotel, so we decided to try.  Bad mistake.  If you are ever in Avon, do NOT eat at the “China Garden” restaurant in the Avon Center plaza. I ordered sesame chicken, and although the sesame sauce tasted good, it was pretty obvious that it had been made a while ago, and microwaved.  Inconsistently.  My fried rice was also really dry, and not very flavorful.  Tracy had similar comments about her orange chicken and noodles.  The service was really slow, which is odd, considering we were literally the only patrons in the entire restaurant.

After that, we took the bus back to Beaver Creek, since we had missed cookie time yesterday, and after the awful food we had just eaten, we wanted something, anything else. So we get there around 2:15, walk around some of the shops for a bit, waiting for 3pm.  At the appointed hour, we find the cookie people, and are handed 2 cookies apiece.  Although they weren’t as good as the other day, still, free cookie for the win.

From there, we wandered around Beaver Creek a little longer, and then took the bus back to our hotel.

A little bit later on, we called Daniel, and made plans to drive over to Vail to meet him for dinner (Jennifer had to work).  We drove to Vail, picked Daniel up at his apartment, and then went to Vail Village. Daniel recommended a local ice cream shop for milkshakes, so we had milkshakes, then walked down the street to a pizza place, and had dinner.

We dropped Daniel back at his apartment, and we decided to go home and pack, because we had to fly home tomorrow.