2018 Cruise Photos

Here are some of the photos from various points in the cruise. I tried to group them based on where they were taken, and I think I’ve got all of them in the correct order. Click to enlarge.

2018 Canadian Cruise – Post Cruise (NYC)

We woke up, and found that the ship was docked at the Port of New York. Looking out our balcony, we were right next to the Intrepid Museum, and could clearly see all the planes parked on the top deck of the carrier.

After a quick breakfast, we debarked the ship, and walked (with our bags, one of which now had a broken handle after our adventures this week) next door to the museum, because we thought it would be easier to get a Lyft there, rather than right at the cruise terminal.

Our driver showed up a few minutes later, and took us to our hotel, where, being pretty early in the morning, our rooms weren’t ready. We left the bags with the bell desk and took off walking. Tracy’s thought was “Let’s walk through Central Park”, and I agreed, not knowing that it would be a 4 hour walk, with no destination in mind. I don’t mind walking, but I prefer to walk with purpose … and a destination. After a while, I got hungry, and bored. We found an Italian restaurant, and ate lunch, then headed back towards our hotel.

The room was ready, we had our stuff brought up, and then we set out again, this time for Times Square. We waited in line at the TKTS booth and got tickets for The Play that Goes Wrong.

Tickets in hand, we headed to the New Amsterdam theater for something that Tracy and I had both been looking forward to. One of the “excursions” we booked through Disney was a “Prop Tour” of the New Amsterdam (currently home to Aladdin on Broadway). There were about 8 people there for the tour. Our guides showed up right on schedule, and took us inside and we sat down and got a brief history of the New Amsterdam, then they took us up on the stage where we could look out into the audience. Finally, they took us to a back room, where they had several props and costumes from various Disney musicals – I got to pose with a chimney sweep broom from Mary Poppins, and a bundle of ‘papes’ from Newsies, which is my all time favorite musical.

Despite the coolness factor, I was hoping for more of a tour, rather than just being on the stage and seeing the props.

Later that evening, we saw The Play that Goes Wrong. If you like slapstick humor, you will love this show. Tracy thought that some of the gags got a little old, but after the show, my sides hurt from laughing so much.

The next day, I don’t remember what we did in the day. One of the days, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. That may have been today? Possibly? I do know that this evening, we saw Avenue Q. We had both heard the soundtrack many, many, many times, and liked the music, and so wanted to see the actual show. I really enjoyed the show. Our cruise dinner-mates Melissa and Bryce (the couple from California) were also in the audience (yes, we planned it this way). After the show, we went out for drinks with them, and Matt/Val (the 3rd couple from our table, who live in NY not far away from the theatre district, and both work in the industry). It was good to see them again, and I really loved the fact that we all got along well.

The last show we saw for the trip was an off-broadway show called WickedFrozen, which (as you can probably tell from the name) is a parody of both Wicked and Frozen. This is probably not a show we ordinarily would’ve seen (or even heard about), but my best friend from H.S. wrote the music for it, so I heard about it through the wonder of Facebook. Overall, it was good.

And then we flew back to Orlando. I’m not a huge fan of NYC, and I think it’ll probably be a while before I go back, but it was a nice ending to the trip.