Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean – Sept 2013 – Day 5

Day 5 – Wednesday – Cozumel

The ship docked in Cozumel in the morning.  Tracy and I had been here before, and weren’t planning on getting off the ship.  My parents did some shopping in port, I think.

After waking up and eating breakfast, Tracy wanted to go lay out in the sun.  I decided to go to the gym.  I did about 2 miles on the elliptical, and then did some work on the weight machines.  All told, I was probably there for 60-75 minutes, and then I went back to the room and showered.  

After that, I used some time to take some pictures of the public spaces on the ship.  All the pictures I took are in the flickr site that I shared with you earlier.  I also ran into my friend Landon, who was actually working as the “Adventures By Disney” representative on the ship.  Unlike most of the crew members, who are on the ship for 6-9 months at a time, the ABD and DVC representatives are only onboard for a week at a time, and get to stay in normal-sized guest staterooms, rather than the smaller (and worse, location wise) crew staterooms.  Landon is a tour guide with ABD, and when he’s not in tour season, he is a YES facilitator (which is how I know him), and a server at Whispering Canyon.  I hadn’t seen him in a while, and there weren’t really any guests that were passing by the ABD desk, so we got to catch up for a while.

I found Tracy, on the deck above the pools, and spent some time just sitting there reading a book.  I think we had lunch from the quick service place on the pool deck, but I don’t remember.  And I think I took a nap in the early afternoon.

Before dinner, my dad joined Tracy and I, and we went to the Buena Vista Theater to see Monsters University.  (This was the first time they had shown the non-3D version since we had been on board.  I love the 3D movies in the parks, but I can’t watch anything longer than about 20 minutes in 3D without getting a headache, so I avoid full-length 3D movies, and my dad can’t see the 3D effects anyways).  Tracy and I had seen the movie in theaters, and didn’t mind seeing it again (esp. for free). My dad said that it was “cute”.  I think I actually like this one better than the first Monsters Inc movie.

Dinner that night was in Animator’s Palate again that night.  It was Pirate Night, so there were a lot of kids (and adults) dressed up as Pirates.  My token concession to “Pirate Night” was a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball hat.  (I’m a Detroit Tigers fan, but somehow I ended up with the pirates hat … don’t remember where/who it came from).  Because of Pirate Night, there wasn’t any special show in the dining room, although they did show some clips from some of the Capt Hook scenes in Peter Pan, and some clips from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Before dinner was supposed to be the “Pirates Deck Party”, but due to rough water, they moved the party into the main atrium, and postponed the fireworks until the next night.

I was not very impressed with the pirate night dinner menu.  All the restaurants use the same menu for Pirate Night, and I’ve copied it below.  I got the chicken breast … It was not very flavorful, and also not as warm as I would’ve liked. Although I’m sure our servers would have replaced it, I didn’t bother … I wasn’t feeling well (probably due to the rocking), and skipped dessert and went back to the room to lie down.

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